Sugar Balance Keeps Blood Sugar Normal – Try This Tonight!

Did you know type 2 Diabetes is a symptom to a much worse condition? Diabetes is complicating the life of millions around the world. An Indian holistic and natural 3 steps approach is relieving Diabetes without any modern medicine or procedures. Watch this video to uncover the unusual link between Eggs, Cinnamon & Diabetes. And learn what and why big pharma companies don’t want you to know about this simple treatment…


Cinnamon. It’s a potent antioxidant, and works like a hypoglycaemic drug. One should restrict consumption of cassia cinnamon which is poor variety and has coumarin. It is available in most grocery stores in India. If this variant is consumed in excess, it can have side effects. One should go for the Ceylon variant with less coumarin.

Carrot. Diabetics can opt for carrots in their daily diet despite its sweet flavour as it can help manage blood glucose levels. Carrot juice may still contain sugar and carbohydrates, it won’t spike the blood sugar levels.

Eggs. They are a good source of high biological value protein. Eggs have good cholesterol, also called as High Density Lipoprotein, which is good for heart health. Studies have shown that it improves insulin sensitivity. They give satiety and improve blood sugar levels.